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Recalibrate: 11 Ways for Educators to Keep on Blooming

Not everything that blooms is a flower! 

Do you know that you can also bloom? 

 We can be a late bloomer or an early bloomer. 

 But the bottom line is that, WE CAN BLOOM! 

 If every body can do it, teachers [we] MUST also be able to do it! 

 Not only for our students’ sake but also for our personal development and fulfillment. 


We just have to RECALIBRATE! 

 Big word hah? 

 Let’s anatomize this giant word to squeeze out its nutrients.  

Here are some ways for teachers to keep on blooming. 


Think about it, your computer can effectively and proficiently work further and better if you refresh it from time to time. 

Otherwise, its entire system will crash.The same way in teaching.Give yourself time to recharge, replenish, re-energize and revitalize. 

Include also the time to review, revisit and renew the basics of your core gifts and expertise. 


A teacher without vision is like a ship without direction. 

Teachers, you can earn as many degrees as you can and enjoy prestigious positions as you want, but without the clear purpose, your profession will never be a vocation. 

Until you answer “WHY ARE YOU TEACHING”,you will never be satisfied due to the emptiness brought by your lack of vision. 


The ability to contextualize is a relative of humility. 

Teaching is not demonstrating that you have 500-million terabyte brain. 

It is simplifying your technologically and scientifically high-tech knowledge and bringing them down to the level of comprehension of the students. 

When you learn to contextualize, you will be surprised that you are not only making a lot of sense but also making a lot of sensible students. 


It requires critical evaluation and creative adaptation. 

The World Wide Web and various media around us make us drink from its unlimited wellspring of knowledge. 

Failure to accommodate them with proper understanding begets another failure in our students. 

But adapting properly benefits our students incredibly.And their victory in the making is our future blooming. 


It is not just the capacity to create linkages between one idea to another. 

It is the power to produce wisdom by connecting and associating learned knowledge to real life situations. 

It is generating the “whys” of “what” we are doing and teaching right now. 

On the Internet, when you click a hyperlinked word, it brings you to another site that gives you further information about the word. 

In the same way, teachers, we should have a limitless hyperlinks saved in our hard drive of wisdom so that when situation clicks any of them, we are ready. 

That is not easy. But that’s possible. 


I am not inventor!Yes, I hear you say that. 

But we are! 

You don’t have to invent BIG things with small love. 

You just need to create small things with GREAT love. 

It will naturally happen when you sincerely desire to lift your students up from the world of ignorance and mediocrity. 

When you learn to teach century old lesson using crisp and fresh ideas, congrats, you are already one! 


The truth is that you are more than engineers! 

But you don’t have to memorize numerous formulas like an engineer. 

Sometimes all you have to do is be there and let your students know that “there is a bridge”. 

Or better yet, YOU ARE A BRIDGE! 

It doesn’t matter if you are a powerful or an imperfect bridge. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a teacher I, teacher II or master teacher or doctor. 

Students don’t care about that. 

They care about you, their silent hero who transports them from their comfort zone to their courage zone. 


Teachers who keep on blooming never settle for complacency. 

They are always on the lookout on how to alter, adjust, enhance, polish up and enrich their teaching career. 

Teachers who find time to refashion the entire package of their career find their way towards sophistication. 


Professional development is not only obtained by spending time in a Graduate School. 

There are plenty of ways to progress professionally. 

Your courage to move forward will create a way that will lead you to your dreams. 

Do not let your dreams die just because you are busy doing your lesson plan and computing grades. 

Keep going. 

Fulfill your dreams so that others may fulfill theirs too. 


With great risk comes great reward. 

Teachers, be brave to excel and change. 

Don’t let other people’s idea kill your passion for excellence. 

Who knows it’s your idea that will bring revolution to the world of Philippine education? 

Don’t stop changing! 

Or else you start dying! 


Every minute that you are sad, you lose sixty-seconds of happiness. 

When you enjoy doing your work, you will never work for a day. 

If you really want to recalibrate, don’t let the day pass without ever enjoying. 

Crack jokes. 



Breathe consciously and deeply. 

Have fun. 

Make mistakes. 

Tap your shoulder. 

Eat good.

Sleep good. 

Enjoy yourself. 

Don’t hesitate to recalibrate! 

Don’t delay your blooming! 

Do it now! 

God bless!

May your dreams come true!