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Heart Melting with Arki’s Icing

Once upon a time I was playing at the back with my seven-year old classmate. 

We were chatting and having fun with his new toys.

Suddenly, an eraser full of dust of chalk hit my forehead.

Kigkigon ako!

The chalk powder residing in the eraser clouded my vision.

My face turned white!

I heard a roaring laughter of our classmates!

I just realized that I was hit by my teacher because we were not paying attention to her lesson! (Asintado!)

Because of that, two things became my hobbies.

First, before I went home in the afternoon, I was cleaning the eraser. 

(Just in case, I would be hit again, it’s clean.)

Second, I always watched where the eraser was. 

(I made sure that it’s far from my teacher.) 

After that eraser-shooting incident when I was in the First Grade, I became number one fan of my succeeding teachers. 

I was more afraid to them than my parents. 

I almost adored and worshiped them. 

They were my gods and goddesses. 

They were flawless and perfect. 

Fast-forward…I am now a teacher.

I can’t find an eraser to shoot a misbehaving student.

But I shoot their feeling.

It’s quite satisfying but my conscience is hurting.

When I tried to create a perfect class, personalities clashed.

Our day was broken but to healing they’re open. 

When you’re ready to move on with smile, love, and compassion, there’s a surprise in the room with a box of Red Ribbon! 

[Sometimes] Love grows in contradiction. 

Thank you po Arki Uragon!

Deeply appreciated you are so sweeton! 

(p.s. I was moved to tears when I got back in our office. 

Thank you. And sorry also. 

Alam n’yo na diba na hindi naman lahat ng cute ay perferct! 😉 peace! 

God bless you guys! Love you mwah! ;-)) 

(This was originally posted on my old website on September 29, 2016)