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Tusok-tusok: Top 10 Famous Street Food in Bicol-Ph

Try it and catch it! 

Street food like isaw, kalamares, betamaks, barbekyu, kikyam, chicken pop, fishball and the like are some of the famous street food you can find anywhere in the Philippines like in Legazpi City. 
They can be nasty or tasty depending on your choice. 
You can burp several times in a very affordable price. 
Pinoys call them "tusok-tusok" due to a stick that is very essential for you to catch your choice. 
In this article, you will learn the top ten "tusok-tusok" that usually make a busy street and satisfy the crowd's food trip.

1. Isaw

Isaw is usually chicken's intestine stuck and squeezed in a stick. 
It is breaded with flour before being deep-fried. 
It can also be grilled until it becomes crispy. 
It is tasty especially when dipped in its partner sauce either sweet or spicy.

2. Fishball

Fishball does not always look like a ball. 

Instead, it looks like a flat and round piece of flour mixed with fish paste.

3. Squidball

Squidballs are not the testicles of a squid, but rather cooked balls of puréed squid, often served as part of a Dim Sum selection. 

The raw squid is puréed, mixed with some flour and spices, formed into a ball and then steamed or fried.

4. Kikiam

Kikiam is a sausage-like dish that has a Chinese origin. 

It was adopted right away ever since it was introduced in the Philippines. 

It is commonly sold with fishball and squidball. 

They are best eaten with the spicy or sweet sauce.

5. Kwek-kwek

Kwek-kwek is a quail's egg (itlog ng pugo) breaded with flour before being deep-fried. 

Its name kwek-kwek comes from the sound of quail known locally as "pugo.

6. Kalamaris

Kalamaris (calamares) is a squid breaded and deep-fried. 

It is cut into pieces before being served. 

However, calamares is served in various styles. 

So don't be surprised when you are served with round or flat calamares, or with long tentacles.

7. Barbikyu

Barbikyu (BBQ) comes in various forms depending on which part of pig's meat it is taken. 

It may be the "liempo", "lumo", "porkchop", "head", "ear", ir even "tongue". 

No matter which part, you will surely enjoy them! 

They look very appetizing seeing them being cooked over the burning charcoal while the oil is extracted. 

Its smell will make you crave for more.

8. Betamax

Betamax is a solidified blood usually of chicken. 

Its name, which is taken from the classic TV version Betamax due to its shape, became popular among the street food lovers.

9. Hotdog

Although hotdog is part of common breakfast of Pinoy meal, it has become a popular street food. 

It is either served in chunks or a whole piece of hotdog with mayonnaise or ketchup.

10. Butchiron

Butchiron is not always a part of chicken's "butchi". 

Usually it is chicken's intestine, deep-fried and packed in small plastic glasses. 

It is best eaten with its partner dipper, usully a spicy vinegar or a sweet sauce. 

So the next time you come out and want to try street food, you can easily identify what arouses your appetite. 

Once you taste them, you will realize what it is to be a street food fanatic. 

 Enjoy your tusok time! 

(Originally published on April 23, 2018 )